Okay beautiful earthlings, something magnificent has happened. One of the volunteers that I worked closely with at the Blessed Bright Future Orphanage (Ghana) has become one of the finalists for the Volunteer Of The Year. This means, if she wins, $5000 will go towards building a sustainable project at the orphanage. I am begging you, please please vote for her! It is so simple but will mean that the home can plant crops (more nutrients from fruit & veg for the children) & they will also be able to sell it at the local markets (more income, rather than relying on volunteers!) If you would like to read more about the project & vote for her please please click on the link below!
Much love, G x


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“I also thank Angelina for dressing in hijab while she visited not just Iraqi refugees but refugees in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not only did she look good in it, she showed respect and appreciation for their culture and religion and made sure that the focus was not on her looks but rather her mission.”

This photo carries so much emotion

I love her I have no words

Love her

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